i’m only human, and twinkies have been in the news night and day, for the last week. how could i not think seriously about making twinkies? gluten free twinkies! continuing on my Cup4Cup flour kick, i gathered all the necessary ingredients and tools. rattling around in the back of mind was a memory of a twinkie mold somewhere in my mom’s basement. locate twinkie pan. check! find lorann princess cake and cookie flavoring. order from amazon. check!

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cranberry cherry pie

with an eye towards turkey pot pie for dinner tonight, i made a double batch of pie dough yesterday. for thanksgiving dessert, i filled the dough with fresh cranberries, maple syrup, dried cherries, butter and a generous glug of cherry marnier liqueur. the finished pie was served with a dollop of creme fraiche.

crackers galore

the other day, i spent more time fiddling with my pizza crust recipe, in hopes of making it easier to handle. i’m getting close,  so more on that later. i stored the leftover dough in the fridge for a couple days and totally forgot about it. when i saw it languishing on the shelf, this morning, i kind of panicked.

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fresh pasta

after weeks of waiting, my kitchenaid pasta roller finally arrived. it’s been years since i’ve made fresh pasta and in the past i’d always rolled it and cut it by hand. in an attempt to limit my challenges on a first try with fresh gluten free pasta i tweaked the Cup4Cup recipe from gilt taste, based on my pre-gluten free preferences. since, i firmly believe that more is more, i used half & half instead of whole milk in the dough. so far, i’ve made some flat noodles, which i ate with butter and cheese for dinner and mushroom ravioli, which is shown in the next post.  i am one happy camper!


herb & cheese crackers

using the leftover C4C pizza dough from yesterday’s pizza adventure, i made crackers sprinkled with herbes de provence and grated grana padano cheese. they come out very much like water crackers and have a nice crisp texture and are just perfect for everyday snacking or used as a base for canapés.