it’s kiss my gluten free buns’ 1st anniversary!

it’s the first anniversary of the blog and i’ve updated the blog’s domain name to*.

to celebrate, i attended the summer fancy food show in nyc at the javits center. i got to see and taste lots of great new gluten free products along with some old favorites and met lots of lovely people. it was great to see how many vendors are testing for gluten in their products and processing and how many of them are going the extra mile to have their products certified gluten free. i took home some really nice samples of gluten free products and will share more about them, as i try them out.


i’d love to hear from you all, about what you’d like to see more or less of on the blog. anything you haven’t seen yet but would like to? please let me know.  thanks for reading!



*just a quick note to those of you who use Pinterest, the domain name change has triggered a glitch in how Pinterest reads the urls for the pins and temporarily older pins may show an error image, but it’s safe to click through. the original url still works and will automatically redirect you to the new shorter url. either address will get you here.


sometimes we make friends in the oddest places (like the interwebs), and i met my friend MarthaS on an online food board, that we both frequent. i started posting about gluten free cooking and she joined in the conversation. when I started this blog, i was pleased and surprised to discover that she was following it. Martha’s been very supportive and encouraging to me and she asks great technical questions, some of which have led me to really think outside the box in my own baking. Martha’s traveled all over the world, with her husband, for his work, for the last 16 years and has some really diverse food knowledge and experience. so anyway, the other day she mentioned that she was going to tackle japanese dumplings called gyoza.

CookedPleatSide this was exciting to me because they along with most dumplings have been a favorite snack. i asked Martha if she would share her success and her recipe for gluten free gyoza. Please click on any of the photos to see them in all their full sized glory. Martha takes such lovely photos. Thanks again, Martha! Continue reading