i’m only human, and twinkies have been in the news night and day, for the last week. how could i not think seriously about making twinkies? gluten free twinkies! continuing on my Cup4Cup flour kick, i gathered all the necessary ingredients and tools. rattling around in the back of mind was a memory of a twinkie mold somewhere in my mom’s basement. locate twinkie pan. check! find lorann princess cake and cookie flavoring. order from amazon. check!

usually, i start these projects with more confidence, but i still had a sense of excitement about taking on the project. big internal debate about making a healthy filling versus a more historically accurate quasi-healthy filling and nostalgia won out. so, i went with italian meringue, shortening and confectioners sugar. i later realized that i could have saved some effort and used marshmallow fluff instead of the italian meringue. the recipe is coming soon, i’m still tweaking, but i’m pretty happy with it. truly, these were much better than i remember the original tasting.

3 thoughts on “twinkies!

  1. They look good! I can’t wait to see this recipe …. I don’t know if I’ll ever actually make them, since I was never a big twinkie fan to begin with, but maybe for the sake of nostalgia, I will.


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