white bean chicken chili

so, you may have noticed that I’ve not been posting for a while. recently, i’ve been consumed with some health concerns, but i’m on the mend and it’s time to get back to cooking and blogging.

going forward, you will also notice some “subtle” changes to the content. the focus will still be gluten free, but I’m inching toward lighter, less carb heavy fare, with less saturated fats. don’t panic, i plan to keep things fun and flavorful. Continue reading

roasted corn soup

still working with leftovers, here. six forgotten ears of fresh corn (getting less fresh with each passing day), a couple of almost past their prime tomatoes and peppers, along with some bacon ends, all cried out for roasting. some chicken stock from my freezer, and the dregs of a pint of cream begged to join the party. a quick whir with a stick blender and you’ve got soup.