pepperoni mushroom pizza

a couple of weeks ago, i attended martha stewart’s “american made workshop” at grand central terminal in nyc. it was a nice chance to tryout some some new craft products, see some demonstrations and bring home some cool stuff. but the main reason that i wanted to go, was to attend a master class in gluten free baking featuring lena kwak, r&d chef for the thomas keller restaurant group and co-founder of Cup4Cup and one of the american made honorees.


during the class, lena shared her story, some gluten free baking tips, gave a demonstration and answered questions from the class. she also shared her new product, which is a gluten free pizza crust mix. the class got to sample the pizza crust mix and learn different ways to use it and there was even a hands on mini cooking project for the class. a big highlight of the day was getting to meet lena, in person. at the end of the class there were gift bags with some samples of gluten free products including ad hoc gluten free waffle mix and a bag of the new cup4cup pizza mix.

this morning, before i headed out to vote, i remembered that i had the mix and figured it would make a nice lunch after voting. here’s what i did with half of the prepared dough. tomorrow, i plan to roll out the remaining dough and make crackers with it. the mix was easy to use and the crust had a nice crunch. i liked it as much as the dough that i make myself, from scratch using cup4cup, but i can certainly see where having the mix, on hand, would be convenient for weekend travel or cooking as a guest in a non-gluten free kitchen.

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