crackers galore

the other day, i spent more time fiddling with my pizza crust recipe, in hopes of making it easier to handle. i’m getting close,  so more on that later. i stored the leftover dough in the fridge for a couple days and totally forgot about it. when i saw it languishing on the shelf, this morning, i kind of panicked.

not to worry, the dough had a nice yeasty smell and might have made a great pizza crust, after all, but crackers were on my mind. all kinds of crackers. i rolled the dough, this time using my new pasta roller. spoiler don’t take the dough past setting 4 or you get vapor. i cut the dough with a small biscuit cutter and topped it with the following: herbes de provence, garlic & pepper, grana padano cheese,  garlic & pepper and grana padano cheese, pizza seasoning with cayenne flakes, maldon sea salt, herbes de provence & grana padano cheese. the plain garlic pepper version was a total bust. waaaaay too dry, sort of like eating a crunchy dust bunny. i plan to share them with a few friends this evening. that is, unless i eat them all up with creme fraiche, this afternoon.

3 thoughts on “crackers galore

  1. Point me to the pie crust recipe please…have a few ideas of my own I’d like to try for something other than Crunchmaster for crackers!


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