boeuf bourguignon

i was trying to figure out how to clean out the freezer before the end of the year. i came a cross a ton of frozen quart bags of chili, sauces, beans, soups and meatballs and a bunch of expensive meat.


the biggest find was a couple of pounds of tenderloin tips, perfect i thought for topping rice bowls but that wasn’t going to free up any meaningful amount of space. an irresistible sale on mushrooms, left me with a fridge full and a need to use those up, as well. a scan of the kitchen and i spied a forgotten open bottle of pinot noir, with just a glassful missing. the universe was screaming at me, boeuf bourguignon, it’s fate, seize the day!


julia child’s boeuf bourguignon was one of the first “fancy dishes” that i’d ever cooked for my family as a kid. later, someone pointed out to me Continue reading