faux famous chocolate wafers

inspiration can come from the strangest places. in this instance, it came from my nana’s  basement, which is filled with a treasure trove of never used kitchen gadgets, most in their original packaging. i recently came across this icebox cookie mold, which reminded me how much i miss nabisco famous chocolate wafers and the ice box cake made from the recipe on the back of the nabisco box.

next, i needed to hunt down recipes recreating the famous wafer taste and texture and then set out to develop a gluten free version. the right blend of gluten free flour, black cocoa and espresso powder turned out to be the key ingredients for what turned out to be pretty labor intensive process of mixing, chilling, and precision slicing. all of this effort just to secure the base ingredient for a traditional icebox cake.

crisp with a deep dark flavor and all ready to  take a two day nap in a loaf pan filled with whipped mocha cream.