6 thoughts on “pizza!

  1. Hi, I am a gluten free human loving finding new recipes. Am I missing something here. Where is the recipe for the food that you post and photograph? I’d love the recipe. I’ve been using Bob’s Redmill pizza crust mix with reasonbly good results. Oh, and I’m also dairy free, so goat cheese rocks! Thanks much, Becca


    • Hi Becca, I am hoping to show people what is possible in gluten free, that there’s no reason to feel deprived of good food or to eat highly processed gluten free foods. I used the recipe for regular pizza on the King Arthur Flour Website subbing C4C flour which does contain dairy for regular wheat flour. King Arthur also has a gluten free pizza recipe on their site, which is very good. http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/gluten-free-pizza-crust-recipe. My recollection is that recipe also caontains dairy but KA is very good about providing suggestions for substitutions, that might work for you. I find the Bob’s Redmill mix is ground too coarsely for my tastes. Thanks for joining in!


  2. Hi Becca, I heard about your blog from Janice the hygienist at SmilesNY. I’m a fellow gluten free pastry chef and about to launch a gluten free French style bakery in Scottsdale, Arizona. I love your blog- your desserts look very impressive! Thought I would commiserate with a fellow gluten free baker and share my challenging experience attempting to create a perfect gluten free pizza crust: http://www.glutenfreechallenge.org/my-most-challenging-gfc-savory-pastry-pizza.html


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