potato gnocchi with bolognese sauce

some unexpected dental work, this week has pressed me hard to come up with soft foods that aren’t sticky and provide comfort.  after a few days of soups and rice dishes, gnocchi came to mind. i haven’t made gnocchi in the last few years since i’ve gone gluten free, so i had to think hard to recall the recipe and then think again to figure out it if could work with gluten free flour. this is the result of the first of several tests i’ll be doing with different flour blends. i’m pretty happy with this batch made with Cup4Cup gluten free flour.

one of the best things about the gnocchi is that after you boil them, you can cool them, coat them in olive oil and keep them refrigerated for almost a week.

for the curious i’ll provide a photographic gnocchi tutorial in the post below this one.

2 thoughts on “potato gnocchi with bolognese sauce

  1. I went to your index seeing a list of wonderful sounding things but clicking on a few of them I see beautiful pictures but no recipes. Where are they?


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