ricotta meatballs in tomato butter sauce

these meatballs were made from a finely ground blend of veal, pork, lamb and beef mixed together by hand with ricotta, grated parmesan & romano cheese and eggs. before frying they are dusted with Cup 4 Cup gluten free flour blend (a blend of cornstarch and fine rice flour can be used if you don’t have the C4C flour) they are light and flavorful with a lovely texture that freezes beautifully. a tomato butter sauce seemed the perfect complement.  these are your nonna’s meatballs!

2 thoughts on “ricotta meatballs in tomato butter sauce

    • Hi Shannon, if you don’t see a recipe in a post, it means that I probably haven’t written it down yet. Am trying to go back, as I have time, and fill in some more recipes. Are there any particular posts that you’d like recipes for? Thanks for asking.


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